Wisdom and Instruction Concerning the Kings of Men

Proverbs and Kings

What follows below in this section is simply a brief summary of the verses in Proverbs mentioning a “king” or “kings.”

  • The glory of kings is their people, and their ruin is to lose them (14:28; 30:31).
  • To keep the favor of the king and to avoid his wrath, one should be wise, righteous and gracious in speech, pure in heart, skillful in work, and respectful of his office. One should not be shameful, disloyal, or self-promoting (14:35; 16:13–15; 19:12; 20:2; 20:26; 22:11, 29; 24:21–22; 25:6–7).
  • God expects a king to rule with wisdom (8:15), uphold His Word in judgment (16:10), do no evil (16:11), rid the land of evil (20:8, 26), investigate matters diligently (25:2), listen to righteous counsel (25:4–5), be just, refuse bribes (29:4), faithfully judge the poor (29:14), be prepared (30:22), and forsake immorality and drunkenness (31:3). Kings should be those whose bits of wisdom are proverbial for the land (1:1; 25:1; 31:1).
  • God is sovereign over kings (20:28) and their hearts (21:1) and is the only One who truly knows their motivations (25:3).

From the NT, whoever our kings may be…