Do the Work of an Evangelist: A Personal Post

By | May 30, 2014

For my installation service at my present church, I covenanted with the church, among other things, that I would do the work of an evangelist. Two primary tasks that bartered for my attention for the past year along these lines were getting to know the folks in my church and finishing my PhD. I know our folks relatively well at this point, but I’ll never know these wonderful people well enough. The PhD is done, and I am glad to have this off my plate. This being said, I can now focus better on doing the work of an evangelist.

I said to our folks this past Sunday that I’ll no longer be in the office on Thursdays. I’ll study in town at coffee shops and wherever the hubbubs of conversation may be in hopes of meeting people, making friends, and giving the gospel. As Paul would often do, I’ve asked our folks to pray for me to be bold to give the gospel, just as I pray for them (1 Thess 5:25; 2 Thess 3:1; Eph 6:18-19; Col 4:3). I told them I wanted them to know where I was on Thursdays so they would hold me accountable to endeavoring to give the gospel.

I post this all online because, quite frankly, I want the world to know there is a gospel that needs to be heard and to encourage others to proclaim it with me. I realize that the “www” for websites doesn’t mean everyone in the world will read my posts, but it’s here for all to read. If I say anything on a blog named “,” it should be about the fact that I proclaim the person and work of Jesus Christ. For the sake of my own soul, I will post each week how my evangelistic endeavors have fared.

My question at this point to any readers I may have is this: what are you doing for the sake of the gospel? Especially if you are a pastor, what are you doing to be an example to your people in leading them to give the gospel?

May we all lift our eyes to see that the fields are white for harvest and do the work of an evangelist (John 4:35; 2 Tim 4:5), and may we pray for one another as we carry out the greatest mission, the Great Commission, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.