Joshua: Week 1

By | February 3, 2021
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Joshua Bible Study

As I mentioned, I’ve been working on studying Joshua. Some have told me that they would like to participate in the study, so I will be sharing it here. I’m enjoying the study very much so far. I hope you will be encouraged as you read of God’s faithfulness to his promises.

Week 1 covers the first five chapters. I’ve written it in a five-day format.  I will post each new week as it is completed. I hope it is a help to you in your study. As always, I’m happy to hear feedback.

Here is the pdf: Joshua_Week 1

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2 thoughts on “Joshua: Week 1

  1. Deanna Forrest

    Holly, is this what I do to start getting your posts? I’m pretty ignorant of technology sometimes! 🤭. Deanna

    1. Holly Huffstutler Post author

      Hi, Deanna! It can all be a bit confusing. You should have seen us trying to set this all up! 🙂 If you look to the right of the post, you will see “Holly’s Posts”, “Archives”, and “Categories”. Beneath that is a box that says email. Just put your email in there, then hit the dark gray box that says “Subscribe.” You should then get an email every time one of us posts. Let us know if you still need help! ~Holly

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