Joshua Bible Study: Week 3 {Conclusion & Complete 3-week Study}

By | March 19, 2021
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Here is the final week in the study of Joshua. Three weeks feels like a small amount of time to study an entire book of good size, but my goal is to help others understand the “big picture” of the book. You can always slow down (as I did) and take more time. Much of the book is taken up with descriptions of land boundaries, so I tried to bring out the significance of the record without being bogged down in the (hazy to modern readers) details of the land. If you’d like to study more on that, many commentaries give great detail about the land and the borders. For what it’s worth, I found that looking at a map of Israel’s allotments was the most helpful to me in visualizing where each tribe landed.

I hope this study is a blessing. I was so encouraged to see once again what God had done. I was especially struck by God’s faithfulness to his promises, thus the title I gave my study: Joshua: God’s Unfailing Promises. Initially, I was going to call it something like “Choose Whom You Will Serve” or “Strong & Courageous.” But, the more and more I read and studied, I came to the realization that the book wasn’t about Joshua or Israel or me. It certainly focused on Joshua and Israel and their responses to God, and it clearly exampled a courage to obey the Lord. But the big idea in my head during and after reading was centered on God. He had made promises. He had overwhelmingly done every word of his promise. And he promised to continue to do so. I hope this study will encourage you to trust in the promises of God who was so faithful to his promises to Israel.

Here is this week’s study: Joshua_Week 3

And here is the complete 3-week study: Joshua_God’s Unfailing Promises_Complete 3 Week Study

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