A Poem Later in Life by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr.

By | November 10, 2021

Young and foolish, once I sought
Splendid tasks and vainly wrought.
On the scroll of fame I thought
Largely writ for time to see
Should my name and exploits be.

Young I was, and foolish then
Longed to win the praise of men.
Long immortal verse to pen,
Thought to sway by brilliant speech
Hearts of all my voice could reach.

Foolish was I then, and young,
Yearned to hear my conquests sung;
Yearned to see my trophies hung
On the walls of fame displayed
While the bands their marches played.

But I learned as time went on
Better goals to dream upon,
Greater conquests to be won,
Serving Christ, I came to know,
Prize eternal can bestow.


A poem by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. from Fortress of Faith: The Story of Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC: BJU Press, 1984). Originally in FAITH in the Family, October, 1979. He would have turned 68 years old that month.

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