New Bible Studies: Judges & Ruth

By | March 30, 2022

I have learned that the way I study my Bible best is by writing a Bible study. It’s entirely for my own benefit. But I try to share them in case they are helpful to others. I started studying Judges in April 2021, so it’s taken a long time to finish these two books, but I have greatly benefited.

If you do use them, I only ask that you let me know if you find any typos or confusing questions. I have occasionally gone back to a study and been confused myself by what I meant with a particular question. 🙂

The Judges study, “Judges: The Pity of God for a Canaanized Israel,” is a 5-week study: Judges Bible Study

The Ruth study, “Ruth: The Kindness & Providence of God,” is just 2 weeks: Ruth Bible Study

I have really enjoyed studying God’s work in and through Israel as I progress through my study in the Old Testament. My faith in God, in his sovereign control and purposes, in his love and mercy, has been increased. And I’ve learned that some of these OT writers/narrators were really good at telling their stories.

Happy Studying!