Living Wisely in a World of Woe

By | April 7, 2022

The prophet Isaiah once spoke of Israel and Judah as worthless vineyard with nothing good to show God (Isaiah 5:1–7). God looked for the fruit of justice and righteousness and found the opposite instead (cf. Isaiah 5:7). Among God’s many “woes” against the nation for her sins (Isaiah 5:8–30), God stated, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20). What God said then is exactly what He could say to America today. It’s sad that it’s so easy to point out examples of how upside-down our society has become. A sexual revolution has ravaged and redefined the general morality of our nation.

A new female supreme court judge (Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson) has said that she cannot define the word “woman.” Behind her statement is the spirit of America’s age—to let a person decide for himself or herself a sexual identity that contradicts his or her biological gender given by God.

A young man (William Thomas) now calls himself a woman (Lia Thomas) and swims for a women’s college swim team and robs young women of championships or other standings they could have won. The NCAA and many others cannot bring themselves to point out the injustice of how this practice discriminates against women.

An entertainment executive (Karey Burke, Disney’s President of General Entertainment) wants half or more of Disney’s cartoon characters to identify as LGBTQIA in the future. People (and cartoon characters) don’t usually visually project an immediate understanding of their sexual identity, so Disney will have to work these matters into the script. One can only wonder what America’s children will watch and hear in the future from Disney’s streaming channel (Disney+).

The Supreme Court, the NCAA, and Disney—these institutions represent so many others in our society today. Make no mistake, God’s judgment is going to come on them all and America as a whole. “Woe to them,” Isaiah would say, “for they call evil good and good evil.”

And don’t miss this along the way—their inability to tell right from wrong is God’s judgment upon them already. The apostle Paul explains this fact in Romans 1:18–32. When people suppress the truth, refuse to honor God, and won’t give their thanks to Him, He lets them become fools. He gives them over to their sins. He allows them to do more of what will be grounds for their eternal damnation. From America’s highest officials to common citizens who stream perversion into their homes, the Bible warns of woe and condemnation.

The apostle Peter guides us well in 1 Peter 4:1–6. As we attempt to escape America’s flood of sexual debauchery, our society will be surprised that we choose not to drown with them. People will malign us as we live for the will of God. May God help us to preach the gospel to them, and may we all be ready to give an account to Him who will judge the living and the dead.

All quotes ESV