Chicken, Kale Salad, & Potato Chips: It’s What’s for Dinner!

By | April 28, 2022

Chicken leg quarters are one of the easiest–and cheapest–main dishes. One chicken leg quarter feeds one person (so six for my family), and I buy them on sale for $0.59-0.79/lb. The prep for these is so easy. Place on an oven-safe rack on a baking sheet, rub meat with olive oil (or spray–this sprayer  is great!), and rub with favorite seasoning underneath and on top of the skin. Tonight I just used homemade seasoned salt. Here’s the original recipe I used:

One of the tough things for me is picking out side dishes. My youngest daughter has multiple allergies, including most notably gluten, dairy, nuts, and coconut. I try not to make too many things that require me to make something separate for her. So when I find a side that goes well with a meal, I tend to stick with it. This meal was declared a winner tonight by all my kids (11, almost-10, 7, and 5).

This apple cranberry bacon kale salad is so delicious! Massaging the kale with a pinch of salt and few drops of olive oil definitely makes the kale less. . . kale-ly. 🙂 I left out the almonds and kept the feta on the side to be added individually. You could replace the bacon with bacon bits to make life easier and leave out the cranberries if you’re not a fan. I used a cosmic crisp apple that was so crunchy and sweet. For the dressing, I left out mustard due to an allergy and used apple cider because that’s what I had. The dressing was great. The last time I made it, I didn’t have any apple juice or cider, so I just left it out, as the recipe also has apple cider vinegar in it. It worked, but I think everyone liked it better this time. I could totally see adding some grilled chicken to this and turning it into a main dish, but it worked fabulously as a healthy, filling side dish.

I was not planning on having anything else with the meal, but my son has been begging me to try making homemade potato chips again. I recently bought the slicer/shredder attachment for my Kitchen-Aid, and it is absolutely fabulous!! It sliced my potatoes so nicely and quickly. My mom gave me her air fryer, so I mostly followed this recipe, except I used an unmeasured amount of seasoned salt instead. The potato chips were a success as well.

Hopefully this will give you inspiration for your meal schedule. Happy eating!



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