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Preaching, Providence, and the Work of God

By | September 19, 2021

After Israel returned to her land from a seventy-year captivity (Ezra 1–2), the nation began to rebuild the temple. The return was in 538 BC. Rebuilding began in 536 BC, the year that Israel finished the temple’s foundation (Ezra 3). However, foreigners in Israel opposed and halted the work (Ezra 4:1–5). Foreigners beyond the borders… Read More »

Jeremiah’s Prophecy of Judah’s Exile in Babylon for Seventy Years

By | September 6, 2021

Babylon took Israel captive “until the land had enjoyed its Sabbaths… seventy years,” a promise made “by the mouth of Jeremiah” (2 Chronicles 36:21; cf. Ezra 1:1). What was Jeremiah’s prophecy, and what were these Sabbaths that were equivalent to seventy years? Jeremiah 25:11–12 states, “This whole land shall become a ruin and a waste,… Read More »

An Overview of Ezra

By | August 30, 2021

Ezra wrote the book that bears his name approximately 450 BC. Similar to Luke’s writing of Luke-Acts, Ezra writes history in the third person and then shifts to first person when he is part of the story (cf. Ezra 7:27–28). Ezra 1:1–3a echoes 2 Chronicles 36:22–23, indicating that he perhaps wrote the Chronicles. He likely… Read More »

An Overview of Ezra

By | November 19, 2015

 A Focus on Ezra Written no earlier than 450 B.C. and probably by Ezra himself, Ezra continues the story from when 1 and 2 Chronicles ended. Three returns, accomplishments, and leaders go together at this point in Israel’s history. At the first return in 538 B.C., Zerubbabel led Israel to rebuild the temple (Ezra 1–6).… Read More »